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Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra


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Know Thy Competition

It's time to take your knack for the hack, and put it to good use. With participation from colleges accross the nation and developers agnostic to languages and frameworks, you'll not only be brainstroming, but also witnessing a plethora of cool ideas. To add to the experience, we have several workshops and guest lectures being taken up by the industry experts.

The hack is only a small part of the competition. The real spirit lies in building your network in the growing tech community and collaborating with some of the finest minds of the nation. Just remember, taking the Hackathons too seriously defeats the purpose. Save the seriousness for pitching to investors. Hackathons are supposed to be exciting and worthwhile. Keeping an open mind will open new doors, help build new relationships and acquire new skills.

This is the cornerstone of East India's largest hackathon.
This is HACK-A-BIT.

If you’re contemplating judging, volunteering, or mentoring, shoot us an email at If your company is interested in becoming a sponsor, check out the sponsorship section below.

The Institution

For over five decades, BIT Mesra (located 16 kms from Ranchi, the Jharkhand state-capital)has been engaged in nurturing minds through a rich heritage of academic excellence. Essentially a hub of bustling student activities, the beautiful campus has been a second-home to thousands of students in their journey to challenge the times.

Established in 1955 by the visionary-industrialist Mr. B.M. Birla, it is today one of the most premier engineering destinations in India.

Keeping up with the times has never been enough at BIT as it has mostly been either at the top of ranking surveys or thefirst among initiators of path breaking ideas. From the introduction of new academic programmes to re-structuring the current ones, from improving infrastructure to upgrading teaching skills, the students' welfare has always been the focal point in BIT's larger picture. As a result, the Institute enjoys an unsurpassed reputation in academia and corporate circles being the preferred manpower source for many industries not only in India but also abroad.

BIT Mesra had been conceived with a vision to be recognized as a world-class learning institution for engineering and technology. But it has moved beyond the fulfillment of a scholastic promise to re-defining education in the new age through creation of aptitude and comprehensive intelligence. Targets are achieved everyday, only to make space for newer dreams.

Meet Ada!

When you think of hyenas, what springs to mind? Scavenging? Cackling cries? Or a creepy creature? Well, it turns out there’s so much more to these incredible creatures. They have a reputation of taking up the leftovers. But don't be fooled! These cool carnivores hunt in groups and can rule over the King of the Jungle when they are in their 'beast mode'. When it comes to hunting, hyenas use a special technique. One hyena will take the job of creating confusion in the herd of the prey, others will then pick up the weakest, hunt it down and chase away the other animals. Well, that's what 'Teamwork and problem-solving ability is'. Isn't it? With an ability to hunt at the darkest of places, these 'creatures of night' can slip away silently and get the best for themselves. They don't need 36 hours though!

We have Ada, the hyena, as our mascot. She's named in honour of one of the first computer programmers, Lady Ada Lovelace. Ada Lovelace is known for her work as the world's first programmer. She wrote the first algorithm to be processed by any machine.

The Triumphants

|| Champions ||

Team Whack

Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Engineering
New Delhi

|| 1st Runners Up ||

Team Arcade

Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra

|| 2nd Runners Up ||

Team Kubs

Indian Institute of Technnology

Category Awards

Team Alphus

NIT Durgapur, NIT Raipur, KIIT

Ada All Girls Team

Team killall_queue

Indian Institute of Information Technology

Innovative Hardware Hack

Team Ether_bots

Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra

Hoolah Challenge

Aayush Bhaskar

Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra

Hack-A-BIT Garage

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Prize and Goodies

₹ 25,000 Cash

1st Prize

₹ 15,000 Cash

2nd Prize

₹ 10,000 Cash

3rd Prize

₹ 5,000 Cash

Best All Girls Team

$150 Cash
Best Hack on .Tech Domain


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Premium Coupons
Top 15 Teams




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Goodies Worth ₹ 10,000


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$100 cash prize for the best bot
build using Zulip API


6 Months Internship Opportunity


Problem Statement

Hoolah Challenge

Goodies to the Winners


Gift Hampers From The Cake Specialist.


Judges and Mentors

Durga Vishwanatha Raju, Gadiraju

Founder & Technology Evangelist, Itversity Inc.
Domain - App Development, Big Data, Cloud & DevOps, Data warehousing

Kushagra Singh




Koushik MLN

Head of Engineering, Itversity
Co-founder, CTO - ZUP Digital Payment portal, Z2P, RuddyBuddy
Domain- Web & Mobile Applications, Big Data

Pratyush Agarwal

Co-Founder CodeAsylums
Domain- BigData, Blockchain & FinTech

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